Since 2013, we’ve granted scholarships to seven recipients to attend CPJW.

Courtney Symone, Finding the BalanceAfter being diagnosed with breast cancer, Mary turned back to Tai Chi for help.

Alex Kormann, Salt in the VeinsJamie Parker works nine hours a day on the water and 24 hours a day as a father.

Abby Igoe, Casting HarmonyThe student cast of “Hairspray,” a musical about integration in the 1960s, hopes to promote diversity and acceptance through their spring performance at Smoky Mountain High School.

Ray Whitehouse, Adopted MissionWhen Quintielie Thomas adopted a 13-year-old daughter in March of 2015, her life changed forever.

Isabella Bartolucci, Taking Jesus Fishing: When Walter Davenport was four years old he wanted a playmate. He got one when his brother Ray was born. It’s been 74 years and they are still playing together. Walter Davenport remembers the day his baby brother Ray was born. It was late in the afternoon on August 30, 1939. He had been waiting four years to have a brother, someone to play with. It’s been 74 years since that day and Walter still has his playmate. The Davenport brothers own and operate a commercial fishing business in Northeast North Carolina. They are the only two employees.

Simone Duval, Mr. Wooly Worm

Brian Walker, Be Jazz