As fellow alumni of the Visual Communication program at UNC-Chapel Hill, we invite you to join us in supporting emerging visual journalists by contributing to the Visual Storytellers Community Fund.

The Fund is an alumni-founded endowment that provides an annual scholarship for photo and video journalism students to participate in the Carolina Photojournalism Workshop tuition-free. Recipients are also connected with mentors and professional contacts through our expansive and varied alumni network.

We have an amazing network of UNC visual journalists that infiltrates almost every city and news organization across the country with an incredible range of experience and expertise. But it is tough to start a career in this field, especially with the ever-increasing costs of higher education and participating in projects that build your portfolio. Our aim is to build community among our alumni network, give emerging visual journalists opportunities to grow their careers when they might not otherwise be able to afford it, and support those who are underrepresented in the field either by race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomics, age or any other factors.

What can you do right now?