I can’t donate right now, but can I still receive email updates about the scholarship?
Yes! Send us an email at visualfund@gmail.com and we will continue to be in touch about how you can be a part of the project.

Are donations tax-deductible?
Yes, and donations are made payable directly to the Journalism School at UNC. They will send you a receipt shortly after they receive your donation which you can use to file with your taxes.

Can I use an employer match?
Yes, please! Any employer that matches donations to non-profit, 501(3)c entities will likely be able to match your donation to UNC. Sometimes they match 1:1 or more, so it’s worth looking into when donating, and can help boost your donation considerably!

When do you collect donations for the scholarship?
We accept rolling donations. If you want to donate in one lump-sum, rather than year-to-year, we welcome that. We usually send out reminders toward the end of the year so that people can include the donation in their annual taxes.

Who selects the grant recipients?
Since we are funders of the grant, ethically, we have no part in the selection process. We have left the selection in the capable hands of the Visual Communication faculty, led by Pat Davison, with support from Chad Stevens and Laura Ruel. Students apply and indicate how and why the funds will help them achieve their goals. It is based on need and partially based on merit.